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Rooms & Gardens has been defining it’s own unique style to the acclaim of clients in southern California and throughout the United States. Rooms & Gardens style is a creative mix of British colonial and California casual with French and Eastern influences. Founded in Santa Barbara in 1993 by Eric and Jami Voulgaris, the store was an instant success and boasted many clients and celebrities both locally and nationally. In 2006, the Voulgaris’ joined actress, Mary Steenburgen, a longtime client of Rooms & Gardens, to open Rooms & Gardens, Santa Monica.

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Blue and White Porcelain

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Blue and White Porcelain, is characterized by its simple yet elegant designs, bright colors, rich pattern decoration, and its refined white quality. They are distinguished from other porcelains by their blue flowers, and other uniquely Chinese motifs. The materials of the blue flowers, and other designs, are comprised of a natural cobalt mineral, which is easy to use, but never fades. Blue and White Porcelain is made by using the color blue, usually cobalt oxide, to create a design on white clay. The color and clay are covered in a transparent glaze, and baked in a kiln at high temperatures.

The first Blue and Whites can be traced back as far as the Tang Dynasty, however these pieces were quite primitive. As technique and materials developed so did the designs of the pieces.  By the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties, the Blue and White ware industry had become increasingly popular. These Blue and White pieces were not only known within the boarders of China, but they were also welcome in the international trade market, initiating their imitation throughout Asia. By the 18th Century, Chinese Blue and White Porcelain had been introduced as far as Europe, and now it has been popularized around the world. These artistic treasures continue to rise in value, and attract more and more attention as time goes on.

The subtle look of Blue and White Porcelain can often be read as a neutral, which makes them easy to introduce to a number of styles.  These multipurpose accents can be found in a number of places around the home.  Combine an eclectic grouping on a console, place a pair of ginger jar lamp bases by a bed, or work smaller vases into a bookshelf story. Between their timeless look and complete versatility, Blue and Whites can be incorporated into almost any space.