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Rooms & Gardens has been defining it’s own unique style to the acclaim of clients in southern California and throughout the United States. Rooms & Gardens style is a creative mix of British colonial and California casual with French and Eastern influences. Founded in Santa Barbara in 1993 by Eric and Jami Voulgaris, the store was an instant success and boasted many clients and celebrities both locally and nationally. In 2006, the Voulgaris’ joined actress, Mary Steenburgen, a longtime client of Rooms & Gardens, to open Rooms & Gardens, Santa Monica.


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Botanical Studies

Rooms & Gardens

Botanical studies are a beautiful and historical works of art. Dating back to ancient times, floral compositions have been a popular artistic treatment for quite some time.  They not only represent some of our earliest scientific efforts, but they also stunningly illustrate the entities of our favorite garden beds. 

The Codex Vindebonensis, the oldest surviving illustrated botanical manuscript, and dates back to 512 AD.  It was created in Constantinople for the Emperor of Byzantium’s daughter, Juliana Anica, in the year 472. It is primarily copied from the De Materia Medica, which was written in Rome about 60 AD.

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